About Us.

Kevin and I met back in 2002 when I started working at the same company, Aetna.  We became friends pretty quickly and started dating around April 2003...even though I was about to move to California in July for our company!  Our relationship continued while I was in CA, but with the 3K miles and a relationship foundation of only 3 months prior to the move, we decided that it would be best if we remained friends instead, and ended our relationship around October 2003.  I moved back home the following July and we stayed friends for years, and gave our love another shot back in March of 2007.  We moved in together September that year. We've been happily together ever since...and still work together!  Kevin is an Account Executive for our Client Services Department while I do Project Management for our Client Services Implementation Team.

I am 29 and grew up in Somerville, MA and come from a loving Irish Catholic family of 6.  I have two sisters, Tara and Christine, who are both my maid of honors, and one brother, Danny, who is also in the wedding party.  I love and appreciate my family and would definitely consider us close and alike in many ways.  Though we grew up in the city, we all have a love for nature and appreciate our door activities.  This probably stems from spending our childhood summers up at my parents in cottage in Maine, which remains a favorite place for us all.  

Kevin is 36 and grew up in Lynn, MA and also comes from a loving family, but of a Scott-Irish Catholic family of 4.  Kevin has one brother, Keith, who is his best man.  Keith currently lives in OH with his wife Michelle, and we are hoping to see them soon!  Kevin's dad had passed away back in July of 2007 from lung cancer, and we are looking forward to incorporating his special memory into our wedding various ways.

Kevin and I enjoy a lot of different things.  For one, we have two pets that we love to pieces: Max, our 11 year old cat and Bear, our 16 month old golden retriever lab mix.  We love the outdoors and nature, and try to be part of it as much as we can, whether it be on our boat, or skiing, walking, hiking, canoeing or checking out new places.  When possible, we try to bring Bear with us on all of our activities! :)  We also love humor and would probably consider ourselves pretty funny people! haha We love to go out to eat and watch TV together (our favorite shows are True Blood and Weeds...obsessed!).  We both also have a great group of friends that we love to spend time with as much as possible.

Kevin and I are both very fortunate and appreciative for our lives and the amazing people that fill it.