Day Of Attire...Bridesmaids

The bridesmaids will be wearing yellow tea-length dessy dresses.  I love these dresses and they are very flattering on.  The girls agreed that they were one of the most comfortable, and they have pockets, which I think is so cool!  I'm also going to get them parisols in yellow, coral and pale green to hold for professional pics (pic of the look I am going for is on my inspiration page).
I'm not 100% sure on the shoe color yet. 

Day of Attire...Groomsmen and Groom

Kevin and his boys will be wearing tan suits.  We haven't decided on an exact suit yet, but something similar to the above is what we're hoping for.  As our main colors are yellow and coral, we'll probably have the guys wear all yellow ties and Kevin a coral tie, with opposite colored bouts - or something to that affect.