Inspiration and Decorating

As our wedding will be taken place in late summer and outdoors, we wanted a casual-summer-natural, with a touch of vintage, feel to it.  Our main colors are yellow and coral with pale green and tan accents.  Since our wedding is in the tent, we are going to hang paper lanterns all over, but I'm looking to do the smaller yellow lanterns as opposed to larger, as I want a very delicate feel to it - almost like small floating yellow lights (if that makes any sense!).  Below are some pictures that I have found for my inspiration and ideas.  The majority of these were on the Knot, but if I have a picture of yours without crediting you, please let me know! :)

My latest idea is to use mason jars instead of vases for not only centerpieces, but for the ceremony (hanging from shepards hooks, jars filled with flowers) and to hang amongst the trees with candles in the jars.  I'm psyched that I was able to find a TON of these for a great price...I love the casual, rustic charm of mason jars.  The center pieces will be various size mason jar filled with one type of bloom in each jar.  The blooms we'll most likely be using are yellow roses, white roses, bicolored red/yellow roses, green hydrangeas and white hydrangeas.   I'm also playing with the idea of using seasonal wild flowers in coral/yellow/white/greens from a local farm (have to see if that would work...).  Below are some mason jar and other inspirations that I've found online.